About Viking

Viking bikes have been synonymous with competitive success, strong styling and the latest technology since 1908. Today, this brand heritage and a proven track-record of reliability are ingrained into the DNA of every Viking bike. So whether you are a committed weekend warrior eating up the miles, or a laid-back family leisure rider, Viking has the versatility and personality to match.

The leader in urban sport since 1908.

Established in 1908, Viking is a British bicycle brand steeped in history and offering excellent value for money. Quality, style and durability have always been the trademarks of Viking. These values are as strong today as they have ever been and are supported by visually striking designs that compete with bikes in a much higher price bracket. The Viking range is perfect for serious or recreational cycling and has an enviable reputation of stylish, reliable bikes at sensible prices.

With its widespread, mainstream appeal, the Viking brand embodies the hallmarks of being trustworthy, traditional, well-engineered and always dependable.

With a truly British feel the Viking range comes in an aesthetically appealing palette of classic bicycle colours. Our bikes offer comfort and speed along with the style, build quality and components you would expect from such a long established successful brand.

While Viking has a firm reputation for sports, hybrids, trekking bikes and tandem bikes, we also cater for a wider market. In addition to our core offering our range includes utility bikes, which are successful within the folding bikes market and have proven popular with boaters, campers and caravanners. Although this range of all-rounders are designed predominantly for adults, the Viking range also includes models from our junior ‘heritage’ range.